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My continuing effort to create guides and subjective opinions of the many cities in Europe. Since its easy to have an opinion of famous places like Paris or Venice, I focus my attention on the less explored places in Central Europe.

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A Potemkim Capital? – A Tour of Bamberg

Use the map, click on the icons, and follow the trails below to discover the history of Bamberg’s ancient avenues: Why Bamberg The city of Bamberg is undoubtedly the largest and most interesting city in Germany to have survived the Second World War. The Allied bombing raids removed from existence every German city with a…

Should You Visit Sofia?

Sofia is not a beautiful city and is not well adapted for modern tourism. Especially when put in contrast to Bulgaria’s other main tourist destinations, the Black Sea Coast and Plovdiv, Sofia lacks a compelling reason to visit. If you are here though, then I outline what there is to see, and where to see…

Exploring Bulgaria’s Folklore Regions

For countries like Germany and Italy, with their proud and protected regional identities, it is easy to describe the unique cultural characteristics of Bavaria or Tuscany. For Bulgaria, these regions and their unique experiences remain hidden from the english speaking world. For a truely unique trip to Bulgaria read more about the regional identities and…

Should You Visit Wiesbaden?

For a curious traveler, Wiesbaden offers something that most German cities do not: a beautiful old town. In contrast to its neighboring cities of Mainz and Frankfurt, Wiesbaden offers an entire city of specacular vistas and 19th century atmosphere.

Best Easy Day Trips from Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not an especially pretty city. If you find yourself trapped here, asking, “What can I do?” the best answer is to go somewhere else. I aim to give you a list of places to visit within roughly 60-90 minutes by regional train from Frankfurt Central Station. The destination needed to have a direct…

Siena Opening Hours

Florence is a highly interactive city with many things to do and see. Below is an outline of when things are open and where they are located. I won’t attempt to list every possible activity, but instead just highlight the main sights and some of the more complicated ones to visit.

Should You Visit Siena?

Yes, Siena is what I would describe as “Peak Europe.” It doesn’t get better than this. You can think of Siena as a smaller and more subdued version of Florence. Florence overflows with tourists, who crowd vast avenues lined with marble-clad palaces. In contrast, Siena awaits a smaller crowd meandering through alleyways of sun-baked brick.

Palaces of Paris and Île-de-France

This map outlines the major palaces of the Île-de-France region that are open to the public. I have sorted them roughly by the primary architectural style they represent. While some palaces, such as Versailles and Fontainebleau, are already UNESCO Heritage sites, most of the palaces on this list are worth visiting in their own right.


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