Rainer Kaelcke

Hiking: The Gardens of Solitude

This hike is more of a guided walk through the forests and gardens of the summer hunting palace of Solitude. This palace was the retreat of the Dukes of Württemberg, though by the time it was built, Napoleon had started his march across Europe, and the estate was never fully developed. Today it is a glimpse into the courtly culture of the late 18th century.

Dietrich Krieger

Hiking: Shiller’s Retreat

This hike offers an interesting panorama of central Germany. Along this route, you will visit the ruins Henneburg castle, a stronghold of the County of Henneberg. When this dynasty died out, it fell to Sachsen-Meiningen. Instead of living there, they opted to build the palace at the next stop, the Hunting Palace of Fanaserie. All along the way, you will be greeted with dramatic views of the pastoral German landscape, interrupted only by the remnants of East German Border stations.