Philipp Trümper

Hiking: Taunus Panorama

This hike offers something of an introduction to the landscape of the Tanus. Walking between rolling fields, meadows, dense forest, and half-timbered homes, this portion of the Westerwald offers a fairy-tale-like experience. This particular path is meant as more of a guide rather than a definitive route. There's no need to complete the entire loop once you have seen enough.

Emha/Manuel Heinrich

Hiking: The Crystal Caverns of Weilburg

The forests of the Westerwald sit above the remnants of ancient volcanic activity, and the rolling landscape varies between hard basalt bedrock and tuff or limestone layers. The varied geology is responsible for the mineral wealth that was once extracted from the region but has also created numerous limestone and volcanic caverns. This hike takes you on a loop trail through the Kubacher crystal cavern, which is unique in Germany for its crystal stalagmites and stalactites.