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Braised Chard Stems with Saffron

Chard is a leafy vegetable native to the shores of Sicily, yet it has an enduring association with Switzerland. Considered an essential part of the farmer's garden, it was typically used as animal feed, with the leftover stalks added to evening stews. This recipe is a sophisticated interpretation of the original peasant dish, with the combination of Chard and Saffron frequently used in tarts and casseroles.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Lamb Stew with Parsley Root

This simple stew recipe comes from an old family cookbook from Basel. The city's cuisine reflects its place in the Rhineland rather than Switzerland, and similar recipes are found in neighboring Freiburg and Alsace. Basel in the 18th and early 19th centuries was quite poor, and its traditional dishes reflect this provincial character.