Saarland: Places to Visit

A complete list of all the places I consider worth visiting.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel My suggested travel destinations with the top three destinations highlighted.

List of Places to Visit

DestinationTypeDescriptionScore out of 5
Mettlach/SaarschleifeVillage and the Natural LandscapeOne of the most spectacular natural vistas that Germany has on offer. Mettlach sits in a dense forest full of castles and dramatic cliffs and also has the ruins of an Ottonian-Romanesque Chapel.3
SaarbrückenCityAs a city that is typically passed by, it has more old-town than most other German cities. The old square of St. Johann and the Ludwigsplatz offer plenty of old-world charm.2
VölklingenSteel-Mill MuseumWithout doubt, one of the most interesting and expansive industry-museums in Europe. The Völklinger Hütte is a near fully preserved Steel Mill with origins in the 19th century but which remained in operation through the 1980s. Almost the entire complex is safely accessible and its worth spending a few hours wandering this steel and concrete jungle.2
St. WendelTownThe main sight in St. Wendel is the beautiful parish church of St. Wendel. It's the only building of its type on the Left Bank of the Rhine and is covered in frescoes and original inventory.2
OttweilerVillageA beautiful baroque town originally built around a palace that was destroyed in the French Revolution. Most of the town survives and is a charming glimpse into life in the rural 18th century.2
SaarburgVillageAnother classic picture from Germany is the cliff-side cityscape of Saarburg. There isn't much too see beyond this view point, but its still worth a trip.1.5
MerzigVillageNot much to see or do here, for those interested, it has the only surviving Romanesque church in the Saarland.0.5
HomburgVillageDespite having mostly survived WWII, the town did not survive the 1960s. Only the central square and parts of the main street have been preserved. The castle is a 1960s abomination. Its still a nice place to spend an afternoon.1
BlieskastelVillageOne of the most pleasant surprises I had in the Saarland is Blieskastel. Also built around a palace complex destroyed in the French Revolution, they opted to rebuild the palace in the 1960s but uglier. That aside, the charming village atmosphere is the nicest in the Saarland, with fantastic views of the surrounding landscape.2
SaarequeminesTownA charming town on the French side of the border. Here we can see the differences in the cityscapes on the French side of the Saarland.2
St. IngbertVillageJust a nice 19th century village with several preserved streets. Don't go out of your way to see this.1
ZweibrückenTownThis town was unfortunately totally annihilated in the war. Only the small bits of the Herzogsplatz survived, and serve as something of a special interest destination.0.5
SaarlouisTownAlso largely destroyed in the war, there are however, quite a few disconnected streets with some well preserved buildings. Not very many though.0.5
TholeyVillage with MonasteryA charming village deep in the forests of the Saarland. The church is mostly a special interest destination, as it is a claimant for the title of oldest Gothic church in Germany.1.5
NennigVillage with Roman MuseumThe town is uninteresting, the main thing to see here is the Roman villa musuem.1
DillingenVillageQuite a few well preserved streets from the 19th century, otherwise not much here.0.5

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