Odenwald: List of Places

A complete list of all the places I consider worth visiting.

Odenwald: Places to Visit
Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel My suggested locations with the top three destinations highlighted.
DestinationTypeDescriptionScore out of 5
AmorbachVillage and MonasteryThe largest preserved monastery complex in the Odenwald, with some of the most spectacular Baroque churches in Germany. Also to see is the library and living quarters. The town is charming and surrounded by beautiful forests and ruins.2.5
AschaffenburgCity with PalacesThough largely destroyed in the War, Aschaffenburg has enough left to make it a top destination. Visit the two main Palace museums, the church and cloister and the surviving cityscape.2.5
Wertheim am MainTown with Fortress Ruin and ChurchThe main sight is massive fortress ruin which extends into the hillside. The town also offers a charming cityscape and a beautiful set of churches.2.5
Breuberg CastleFortressOne of the most interesting fortress ruins in Germany. It has a transitional style of early Renaissance defenses and a preserved Renaissance hall.2
Lohr am MainTownPerhaps the most beautiful town on this part of the Main, full of half-timbered houses and home to one of central Germany's better beers, Keiler.2
Mespelbrunn PalacePalaceA palace you may have seen already in a google search for castle. The fairy tale castle with moat dates largely to the Renaissance and is somewhat difficult to reach, but it is worth the effort.2
Bronnbach MonasteryMonasteryThe other major preserved Monastery in the region, complete with church and intact living quarters. Significantly more of a challenge to reach than other places on this list.2
ErbachVillage with PalaceA small town with a palace still owned by the family that built it. Its rather notable for the fantastic wooden ceiling of the main hall and its extensive collection of historical hunting arms.2
MiltenbergTown with CastleA charming town on the Main with a castle overlooking the main street. Full of high-quality half-timbered houses and stone towers.2
BabenhausenTown with CastleA beautiful village that is home to another Renaissance palace and fortification, though this one has been heavily modified over the centuries. Currently under renovation (for the past 50 years) and is unlikely to ever be open to the public.1.5
DarmstadtCityNot much survived the firebombing in 1944, but there is enough left to make it work a quick visit.1.5
Gross-UmstadtTownA cute village with lots of palaces from every period of history. I would stop here for a visit to the Odenwald Winery Cooperative for a large selection of wine.1.5
MichelstadtVillageA charming village with a partially intact city wall and castle. It also has the ruins of an unfinished Carolingian basilica (it was moved to Seligenstadt) and a Renaissance palace still occupied by the family that built it.1.5
Otzberg CastleCastleAn interesting late Gothic castle with a high level of preservation1.5
Kranichstein PalacePalaceOne of only two palaces of the Hesse-Darmstadt family to survive, and the one most accessible to the public. Has nice interiors and a weapons collection.1.5
Braunshardt PalacePalaceThe other palace of the Hesse-Darmstadt Family. Only accessible on certain occasions, but has a rich interior of Rococo furnishings.1.5
RieneckCastle and VillageDynastic home of the Rieneck family, has a beautiful old town and a partially preserved castle.1.5
LindenfelsVillage with CastleA small village with a castle ruin1
AlzenauTown with CastleA small town with a large castle, though neither are especially noteworthy.1
FelsenmeerRoman RuinsThe remnants of a glacier that dumped massive boulders along a hillside. This was found to be convenient for the Romans who used it extensively as a quarry. It was the source for the granite pillars in the Imperial Basilica of Trier.1
Frankenstein CastleCastle RuinsPotentially the source for the name in Frankenstein in Frankenstein's monster. Probably not though. The ruin is quite substantial though heavily modified in the 19th century.1
FreudenbergCastle RuinA charming village and a substantial castle ruin from the High Middle Ages. 1
GroßostheimVillageA nice village with an interesting church1
KlingenbergTownA nice town on the Main with some old town1
Lichtenberg CastleCastleA large Renaissance palace nearish to Darmstadt, the interiors are apparently preserved, but getting a tour is nigh impossible.1
MarktheidenfeldTownA nice town on the Main with some old town1
Rodenstein CastleCastle RuinA large castle ruin with some level of preservation1
Schönau MonasteryChurchThe remnants of what was once the most important Cistercian monastery in the region.1
StadtprozeltenCastle RuinA nice castle ruin above a cute village. Nice views of the Main valley.1
Tannenberg CastleCastle RuinsThis castle ruin is neat for the fact that it was the site of the first recorded uses of cannons in siege. It is one the most important archaeological sites for this period since the collapsed ruin was never excavated, leaving a treasure of artifacts behind.1
Wildenberg CastleCastle RuinAnother important castle ruin, as it may be the familial seat of the Salian dynasty. It contains some of the earliest Salian-Romanesque architecture in Germany.1
DieburgTownA small village with bits of old town. Originally a Roman settlement the local museum has a nice Roman collection.0.5
GemündenVillage with CastleA nice town with a castle, both were annihilated in WWII.0.5

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