Middle-Rhine: List of Places

A complete list of all the places I consider worth visiting.

Middle-Valley: Places to Visit
Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel My suggested travel destinations with the top three destinations highlighted.

List of Places to Visit

DestinationTypeDescriptionScore out of 5
LinzTown with CastleLinz has the best preserved old town on the Middle-Rhine. Don't forget to visit the castle in the town, but also the one above the town.2.5
KoblenzCity and FortressThe largest city in the Middle-Rhine valley. Koblenz has enough old-town to be worth visiting, but its the fortress that you need to see.2.5
St. GoarTown with Castle Ruin and ChurchSt. Goar is one the highlights of the UNESCO portion, with its charming old town and imposing fortress ruin.2.5
BacharachTown with PanoramaBacharach is the stereotypical destination on the Rhine, with its dramatic landscape enhanced by the ruined Werner Chapel and Castle Stahleck.2.5
EltvilleTown with Church and WineEltville is the the best location on the southern edge of the Middle-Rhine. Its high Gothic keep and medieval cityscape is worth seeing, but its the wine that should bring you here.2.5
AndernachTown with Church and CastleAndernach has a charming old town with a castle ruin and a colossal Romanesque church from 13th century.2
EngersVillage with PalaceThe village is small but charming, and in any case the highlight is the Engers Palace, with its beautiful hall of Diana.2
Stolzenfels PalacePalaceA fully restored palace of the German Emperors, representative of the Romantic movement on the Rhine.2
BraubachVillage with CastleThough the town is nice, the highlight is the Marksburg castle, the only surviving medieval castle on the Rhine.2
OberweselTown with Castle, Wall and ChurchOberwesel possesses the Middle-Rhine's only walled city. Much of the wall and some of its towers are accessible. The highlight is the Church of our Lady, the most impressive Gothic church in the region.2
KaubVillage with CastleKaub is famous for the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, or the one built on an island in the river. Its accessible by ferry year round.2
RüdesheimTownThough popular among tourists, Rüdesheim may underwhelm given the small surviving portions of old town and the overwhelming tourist horde.2
BoppardTown with ChurchA beautiful Roman town with a nifty castle museum and two remarkable churches. The old-town itself is somewhat scattered, but it still ranks highly.2
Eberbach MonasteryMonasteryOne of the best preserved medieval monastic complexes in Germany. Almost the entire complex is accessible to the visitor.2
RemagenTown with ChurchMade famous in WWII for its bridge, which did not survive the war, the town itself did largely survive. It's not that interesting though, notable for its church.1.5
SinzigVillage with ChurchA small village with a number of nice streets. The main sight is the late Romanesque basilica.1.5
NeuwiedTown with PalaceHit hard in WWII, parts of the town are noticeably missing. However, the palace and the portions that did survive attest to the unique planned cities of the Reformation in Germany.1.5
SaynVillage with CastleA small village with everything. A castle, palace, Romanesque church and industry museum. Sayn was the site of the region's first steam powered factory and is now a museum.1.5
LahnsteinVillage with ChurchThere is not too much to see here aside from a small church and a 19th century castle-palace conversion.1.5
Liebenstein CastleCastle RuinA mildly interesting castle ruin with excellent views of Boppard and the Rhine valley.1.5
GeisenheimTown with ChurchA charming old town with an interesting example of a Gothic-Renaissance church.1.5
Drachenfels PalacePalaceA nicely restored 19th century palace, open to the public only sporadically. Best viewed from a distance.1
UnkelVillageA charming village full of baroque half-timbered houses.1
ErpelVillageA charming village full of baroque half-timbered houses.1
Bad HönningenPalaceHome to the Arenfels Palace, only accessible as a hotel, but the landscape around it is remarkable.1
Maus CastleCastle RuinA cool castle ruin, closed to the public, but its better viewed from a distance anyhow. Some of the most stereotypical views of the Rhine include it.1
LorchVillage with ChurchA small town with a nice church. Notable for having the largest wood-cut altar on the Rhine.1
AssmannshausenVillageCharming village with several castle ruins nearby.1
WinkelVillage with ChurchCharming village with the oldest building in the region, a Salian Romanesque basilica with portions dating to the Ottonian period, mid 11th century.1
KiedrichVillage with ChurchThe village is uninteresting per se, however the church is a spectacular example of Renaissance-Gothic architecture and has some rare examples of Medieval choir books on display.1

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