Planning Ahead

Ideas for Future Travels

Why would anyone visit Liege?

Life can be unfair, and I think Liege (or Lüttich or Luik depending on who you ask) is a good example of that. The city is rather nice. Its not as pretty as Ghent, and its certainly way nicer than Cologne. I would put it on par with Antwerp and Brussels. So why then does…

A Castle too Far

Overall though, I can highly recommend the hike to anyone who might be interested. The Ehrenburg castle is fairly unique in Germany. The ruin is fairly well preserved, the French having opted to burn rather than detonate the castle.

Hike to Castle Sauerburg

This castle looks really cool, but its also really inaccessible. Most of the castles in the region are either fragmentary ruins or 19th century interpretations of a castle. This combination appears to have worked out well enough and might be worth a visit.

Romanesque Castles of the Taunus

I recently acquired several new books, one of them is an architectural guide to the castles of the Taunus. As is typical with Germans, the title is boring, uninteresting and describes precisely what is inside: Castles of the Taunus.

Hike to Castle Ehrenburg

The Castle Ehrenburg is one of the best preserved castle ruins on the Mosel, complete with a protected spiral entrance tower and dual-tower keep. Parts of the curtain wall and annex buildings have been restored or retain intact.

Hike to Castle Trifels

Trifels Castle is an important monument in the history of the German Romanesque, as (prior to its total reconstruction) it was among the best preserved Romanesque castles in Germany. Its also an easy hike from a train station hidden deep in the Palatine Forest.