Hiking: Refuge of the Electors

This walk takes you on a panorama tour of the Upper-Neckar Valley focused on the walled town of Dilsburg. The town was constructed in the 14th century as a refuge of last resort for the Electors of the Palatinate. Their capital Heidelberg was not easily defended, so this hilltop fortress was selected. Along the way, there will be spectacular views of the Neckar Valley, the three castles of Neckarsteinach, and the charming old town of Neckargemünd. The castles’ density and the landscape’s dramatic topography make this one of the most picturesque scenes in Germany.

How to Get Here:

  • Direct Regional Train from Heidelberg or Stuttgart to Neckargmünd Station. Also possible to reach the public transit system of Heidelberg (S2 and S5).
  • Hike Starts at the Train Station

Photography Note: The sun’s position is not too critical for this hike, but there are several considerations. The best pictures of Dilsberg from the overlook will first start mid-day. But this should not be an issue unless you start very early in the morning. If you try this hike in the Winter or when the sun is low, note that some castles may spend most of the day in shadow.

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