Hiking: Past, Present, and Future in the Wuppertal

The Ennepetal is one of the most picturesque corners of the Wuppertal. The ancient monastery church rising above the lake, surrounded by slate-covered houses and dense woodlands, conjures up a fairytale-like atmosphere. This hike takes you along the Ennep River as it flows into the Wupper. Along the way is a long history of industrialization, from the early exploitation of the waterways for power to the full mass production of fabric. Make sure to stop at the museums and industrial heritage sites along the way.

How to Get Here:

  • The hike starts on the massive Wuppertal Dam just east of Lennep, a district of Remscheid. You can reach it by Bus from Lennep or Remscheid.
  • The hike ends in Beyenburg, which is reachable by bus connection from the rest of Wuppertal proper.

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