Hiking: Panorama of the Lahn

This hike takes you to some of the more dramatic overlooks of the Lahn river. It starts in the small town of Nassau and ends at the Monastery of Arnsberg. Unfortunately, Nassau was annihilated in the war, but you don’t have to spend much time there. After seeing the reconstructed Nassau castle, you head to a series of beautiful viewpoints along the Lahn river. The hike itself is quite nice, and only towards the end will you have to walk along the roads.

The destination is also worth spending some time at. The Arnsberg Monastery was originally a castle whose lord dedicated it to the Benedictine Order upon death. The complex is still an operational monastery, but the church is a beautiful example of the late Staufen-Romanesque style. The hike should also take you to the best viewpoints of the monastery.

How to Get Here:

  • There are regular trains to Nassau from either Koblenz or Limburg.
  • The hike starts at the Nassau Train station.

Photography Note: The direction of this hike is not so important, though it may be more comfortable to start at Arnsberg rather than Nassau. Important is only that the sun has moved past midday by the time you reach the main overlook. Otherwise, the view of the monastery will be in shadow.

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