Hiking: Hattingen Highlands

Following along the valley edge of the Felderbach tributary to the Ruhr, this hike gives you a panorama of the traditional Ruhr landscape. The hike ends in Langenberg, which along with Hattingen, form the best-preserved historical towns in the region. Exactly which region, though, might depend on who you ask. Historically, the town would have belonged to the County of Mark, and thus the hike takes place in the Sauerland, a region of Westphalia. Other people might disagree and say Langenberg is proper Bergisches Land. In any case, enjoy the beautiful pastoral landscape and the charming half-timbered villages.

How to Get Here:

  • The hike starts at the Nierenhof station, which can be reached from Hattingen, which is accessible from most of the Rhineland cities.

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