Hiking: Cliffs of the Mosan Valley

This hike takes you on a tour of the most spectacular part of the Mosan Valley. Here, the Ardenne Forest meets the River Maas, resulting in a chain of dramatic cliffs. Of course, there are castles, and some of the most iconic imagery of the valley comes from Walzin Castle and the Palace of Freyr. The tour starts in the morning at the station in Anseremme and takes you first above the Palace of Freyr with spectacular views over the valley. Then you slowly descend into the countryside and connect with the River Lesse. From there, it is more drama, with old Europe’s cliffs, castles, and forests.

How to Get Here:

  • Regular regional trains and buses from Namur and Dinant will take you to the starting point.
  • Hike Starts at the Aneremme Train Station

Photography Note: For this hike, you will want to start in the morning. Head south along the river Maas as is depicted, and you will have the opportunity to see the morning light over the Freyr Palace. Wait until afternoon, and you will instead look directly at the sun. The flip side is that the palace of Walzin will be in good light for most of the day. The Lesse Valley is best seen in the afternoon, but the optimal conditions will vary depending on the exact spot.

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