Hiking: Castles of the Maas

This long hike takes you to several castles and palaces along the Maas River between Liege and Namur. The Mosan Valley and the Ardenne were spared much of the devastation that befell other European regions. Though French Revolutionaries would see the great Monasteries and churches put to the torch, they largely left the many palaces and castles alone. With an endless array of possible Palaces and Castles open to the public, at least for some part of the year, it is certainly difficult to choose where to go.

The highlights of this trip will certainly be the Warfusee and Jehay Palaces, both museums and have regular opening hours. You will also get sweeping views of the river at certain points along the river, though not as impressive as elsewhere.

How to Get Here:

  • Regular regional trains from Namur and Liege will take you to the starting point.
  • Hike Starts at the Flémalle-Haute Station

Photography Note: There is not any one best time of day for this trip, since you will have nice pictures of the palaces at any time of day. The best pictures of Warfusee Palace will require being there on a Summer Evening, which is not advisable for this hike. The direction of the hike should simply allow you to walk with the sun at your back.

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