Hiking: Bad Kissingen and the Saale Valley

Bad Kissingen is one of the great spa towns in Europe, and this hike is all about exploring the town’s history and its spas. The hike starts in the city center and follows the Saale back in time. First, you will see several homes of famous patrons, such as Bismarck, followed by remnants of the industrial machinery that powered the city’s spa houses. Then further on, you will see the ruins of a monastery and an increasingly pastoral landscape. Once on the other side of the river, the hike takes you through the forest, which would have been part of the original spa experience, and is full of 19th-century monuments and views of the Saale.

How to Get Here:

  • The starting point is located in the city of Bad Kissingen, itself a UNESCO heritage site. You can reach it easily by regional train from Würzburg or Erfurt.

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