Hike to Castle Ehrenburg


  • Arrive by train in Löf
  • Walk to the town of Brodenbach
  • Hike to Castle Ehrenburg
  • From Ehrenburg, return to the Mosel via the Brodenbach Valley to the Donnerloch
  • Hike along the Ridge to Castle Thurant
  • Return via train from Löf
Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

The Castle Ehrenburg is one of the best preserved castle ruins on the Mosel, complete with a protected spiral entrance tower and dual-tower keep. Parts of the curtain wall and annex buildings have been restored or retain intact.

This should be an excellent hike, but there are some difficulties, namely the logistical challenges of getting there. Its a good hike precisely because its impossible to get to otherwise, but this is compounded by the limited train service to small towns on the Mosel. So while Im going through all of this effort it might also be interesting to see Castle Thurant at the same time since I would have to walk by it anyhow.

Just by chance on google maps I noticed the Donnerloch in the Brombach valley. It appears to be an ancient Germanic cult-site, could be interesting, but it kind of just looks like a generic waterfall in a forest.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel A topographic overview of the hike, starting and ending at A, with the castle at point 4

Lets see how this hike goes.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

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