Famous Pictures of the Middle-Rhine: St. Goar

This is less of a hike and more of a photo tour of one of the most fantastic parts of the Middle Rhine. Taken from the cliffs overlooking the towns of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen, the images from this hike are among the most iconic from the Middle Rhine. In particular, the picture of Castle Katz overlooking the cliffs of the Loreley can be found in a simple Google Search of Germany. To see this view for yourself and several others, you can simply follow the path here. It is critically important to note the position of the sun. Since the viewer is looking south, the famous picture can only be taken in the evening.

How to Get Here:

  • Direct Regional Train from Frankfurt or Koblenz, or by cruise ship from any corresponding dock in the valley.
  • Hike Starts at the Train Station in St. Goarshausen. Note that the station in St. Goar (opposite from St. Goarshausen) is not regularly serviced.

Photography Note: Timing is important here, and you will probably want to start out later in the day. There are two trade-offs to consider, the first is that the Fortress of Rheinfels is only in the sun during the morning, and the Castle Katz is only in the sun in the late afternoon. You may have to take separate trips if you want good pictures of both. This trip may also be less interesting in Winter since the sun will not travel sufficiently to the west to see the castle entirely illuminated at dusk.

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