Regional Overview

Rhenish Switzerland

This small region highlights the cultural synthesis of the Rhine Valley and Switzerland. The city of Basel once formed the center of a Prince-Archbishopric until the Reformation, when the Protestant city joined the Swiss Confederation. As the last major port city on the Rhine, Basel feels more like a Rhenish city than a Swiss one. No trip along the Rhine is complete without a stop in one of its most beautiful cities.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • Basel: a beautiful historic city center full of architecture typical for the Upper Rhine, mainly from the Baroque period.
  • The “Red” Renaissance civic architecture, e.g., Basel City Hall, Freiburg Merchant’s Hall, Liestal Cityhall, etc…
  • The Alemannic Gothic architecture of the Breisgau in the South, i.e., the political and economic ties to Strasbourg and Switzerland




The best tourist destinations in the region of Basel in Switzerland
Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel My suggested travel destinations with the top three destinations highlighted.

What is Basel?

Basel and its small region form a remarkable cultural borderland, combining the jovial Rhineland cultures of France and Germany with the austerity of Switzerland. The result is a relaxed multi-national city in Switzerland, something otherwise unthinkable in the business districts of Zurich or the Villas of Geneva. Despite its small size, Basel has a unique cultural identity, with festivals, food, and distinctive architecture worthy of a much larger city. Basler Land and the Jura, the area around the city, are beautiful alpine foothills full of castles, picturesque villages, and forgotten ruins.

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Cities of Basel

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