Republic of Siena

Regional Overview

The Great Rival

Siena was the great rival of Florence in both politics and art. Its artists were more conservative than the Florentine Schools, but the city was just as ambitious. Through competent governance, Siena established itself as the main rival to the Medici Family. Today, the region retains its remarkable medieval urban architecture in Siena and the many towns that once defined the Republic.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Medieval Cityscape of Siena with its spectacular vistas and ancient churches.
  • Chianti Wine Country and the beautiful Val d’Orcia
  • Etruscan, now Tuscan, hill towns such as Siena, Val d’Elsa and Massa Marittima.




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What is The Republic of Siena?

The lands of Siena are perhaps the most beautiful in Tuscany, full of rolling hills and terraced vineyards. The region is based around a series of highland villages founded during the Etruscan era, and their remoteness precluded meaningful development. Siena was the exception, as the city’s walls offered traders protection from coastal raiders. Today Siena is the center of Tuscany’s most famous landscapes and wines.

Regional Guides

The Vista of Siena is on of the most well-known images of Italy

Should You Visit Siena?

★★★★★ Summary: Yes, Siena is what I would describe as “Peak Europe.” It doesn’t get better than this. You can think of Siena as a smaller and more subdued version…

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