Republic of Florence

Regional Overview

A European Renaissance

Florence counts among the undisputed centers of the European Renaissance. Its cityscape inspires with its resplendent palaces and soaring churches designed by some of the most famous artists in history. While Florance has earned its reputation as a tourist colony, its incredible artistic heritage and unmatched level of preservation make it a worthy destination for everyone.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Renaissance Cityscape of Florence and the Medici Family with their endless museums and heritage sites
  • The entire chronology of Renaissance Art from Giotto to Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Remnants of medieval Tuscany, with its castles and romanesque churches




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What is the Republic of Florence?

At its height, the Republic of Florence spanned a territory almost equivalent to the modern-day region of Tuscany. Only Lucca and the mountains of Massa and Carrara escaped Florentine domination. The use of the term ‘Republic’ is perhaps somewhat misleading in the case of Florence. Though hereditary rule ended the Republic only later in the 17th century, the Medici Family alone dominated the politics and direction of the state.

Regional Guides

Florence cityscape at night

Should You Visit Florence?

★★★★ Summary: Yes, absolutely, but expect to visit a citywide art museum rather than an Italian destination. The primary consideration on whether or not to visit Florence is the kind…

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Explore the European Renaissance through a legacy of art and stone

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