Western Thrace

Regional Overview

The Shadows of Giants

The history of Western Thrace follows the ancient Via Egnatia, the road connecting Rome with Constantinople. Today’s Travelers will see the countless ruins of the great Roman and Byzantine cities that prospered from the road. In the shadows of the ruins arose new cities and towns, which await the curious traveler with remarkable charm and beauty.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • Some of the best-preserved old towns in Greece, primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries, esp. Xanthi and Kavala
  • The ruins of Roman and Byzantine cities, some of which have been excavated, like Philippi, and others which remain to be explored, like Anastasiopolis
  • The island of Thasos, with its rugged beauty, charming villages, and mysterious ruins




Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

What is Western Thrace?

If you’re looking for a travel destination combining stunning natural beauty with a touch of mystery, then Western Thrace is the perfect place. The region boasts some of the most picturesque landscapes you’ll ever see, and the mysterious Roman ruins that can be found scattered throughout the area only add to its allure. These ancient ruins offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region, and exploring them is an adventure in itself. So if you’re a traveler who loves to discover hidden treasures and explore the unknown, Western Thrace is definitely worth visiting.

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My Subjective Travel Rankings

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4 / 10

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  • Accommodation: 4
  • Transportation: 2
  • Volume/Capacity: 5
  • Infrastructure: 1
  • Interactivity: 8

5 / 10

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  • Context: 3
  • Monuments: 8
  • Quality: 5

8 / 10

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  • Abstraction: 10
  • Tradition: 6



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