Regional Overview

Land of Milk and Honey

The Allgäu today is a region primarily known for two things: Neuschwanstein and Milk. The region offers much more than this, however. From the splendor of its old Imperial Cities to the dramatic landscapes of the Alpine Foothills, its worth your time to explore.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • Neuschwanstein is located in Füssen, but really, there so much more to see here
  • The Urban Baroque architecture in the old Imperial Cities of Kemten, Memmingen, Lindau and Kaufbeuren
  • The Pastoral Landscapes and alpine architectural style, usually associated with Switzerland





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What is the Allgäu?

The Allgäu is a region along the Iller River leading into the Alps. Its perhaps best described as Alpine Swabia. As with Oberschwaben the region was fractured into small polities until the the Vienna Congress partitioned the region into Württemberg and Bavaria in 1815. The enduring legacy of the Holy Roman Empire is notable throughout the region though. Monuments of civic pride exist in most of the region’s towns, many of which were independent city-states, and many others merely autonomous from an absent lord. Resplendent churches and monasteries dot the landscape, reminding the people that church once harnessed secular power as well as spiritual forces.

The region is also quite famous for its rolling Alpine landscapes, reminiscent of the image Switzerland and Austria share in popular culture. The pastoral architecture that accompanies this landscape makes the region fairly distinctive in postcards.

Whether you are hiking up the mountains to get that perfect picture of Neuschwanstein, or exploring the island city of Lindau, there is something for everyone here.

My Quantitative Travel Rankings

To understand where the categories come from, see this article here.

Social Score

7.6 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Hype: 7.9
  • Growth: 8.9
  • Wealth: 8.9
  • Recognition: 4.7
Ease of Travel

6.3 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Accommodation: 9.9
  • Transportation: 3.4
  • Ease of Planning: 4.5
  • Infrastructure: 5.7
  • Interactivity: 4.7
  • Airport: Yes
Historical Immersion

4.7 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Historical Context: 10
  • Monuments: 2.3
  • Quality*: 6.0
  • Landscape: 0.8
  • Vineyards: 3.3

3.9 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Undiscovered: 7.3
  • Cultural Immersion: 0.7
  • Tradition*: 5.0



A splintered land of Princes, Free Cities and Monasteries

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