Regional Overview

The Nassau Domain

The Westerwald is an agglomeration of regions that were largely controlled by the Nassau family and the Prince-Bishops of Trier until the end of the 19th century. Despite an illustrious history in the high Middle Ages, most of the region’s visual identity comes from the works of the Nassau family.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The late Romanesque churches in the Middle-Rhine style.
  • The Nassau seats of power and the Baroque and Classical architecture used to symbolize it.
  • The medieval cityscapes of Limburg, Herborn and Wetzlar.




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What is the Westerwald?

The Westerwald is the southern portion of densely forested highlands which run along the right bank of the Rhine. The lifeblood of the region is the river Lahn, which connects the Rhine valley with the interior of Germany.

Along this river flowed ideas and goods. Great monasteries were built to inspire faith in an unsettled land. Later, the river would bring masters of the Gothic from the West and Martin Luther’s revolution from the East.

Today it is a land of ancient towns and forgotten castles, all centered on the River Lahn.

Regional Overview

Hiking in the Region

Hiking: Kransberg Palace

Hiking: Kransberg Palace

The Kransberg palace is a 19th-century villa constructed on the ruins of a medieval castle and today is in private ownership. However, it provides for some picturesque viewpoints. This hike…

Hiking: Taunus Panorama

Hiking: Taunus Panorama

This hike offers something of an introduction to the landscape of the Tanus. Walking between rolling fields, meadows, dense forest, and half-timbered homes, this portion of the Westerwald offers a…

Hiking: Along the Limes and Westwall

Hiking: Along the Limes and Westwall

in the first century CE, the Romans pushed their border out past the Rhine as far as the hills of the Taunus. The name Taunus comes from the Romans and…

Hiking: The Crystal Caverns of Weilburg

Hiking: The Crystal Caverns of Weilburg

The forests of the Westerwald sit above the remnants of ancient volcanic activity, and the rolling landscape varies between hard basalt bedrock and tuff or limestone layers. The varied geology…

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This is a land of sleepy towns of half-timbered houses and ancient castles.

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