Regional Overview

Land of the Fay

Hessen is the land in which our conception of the fairy tale was born. The secluded forests and small villages make it easy to travel back in time to the age of the Brothers Grimm. Though most of what you see dates to the 18th and 19th-century rule of the Hessen-Kassel Dynasty, remarkable glimpses remain of the ancient medieval Empire.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Baroque and Neo-Classical Half-Timbered Village Architecture, especially in the context of Protestant urban planning.
  • The Ancient Medieval Monuments of Marburg, Fulda, Fritzlar, and Hersfeld.
  • The Baroque Palaces and Estates of the Nobility





What is Hessen?

In many ways, the rolling hills of the Hessian landscape represent our shared cultural image of fairy-tale Europe. Hessen is a land of towns and villages forgotten by time. Every hill has its castle and a half-timbered village surrounding it. Walk through many of these towns, and you will find they end abruptly into fields or forests rather than suburban or industrial sprawl. It’s easy to imagine the Grimm Brothers traveling the countryside that brought their ancient legends and tales to life.

Traditional Recipies

Hiking in the Region

Hike: The Red Moor

Hike: The Red Moor

The Red Moor is an ancient wetland in the highlands of the Rhön. Though much of it was drained or harvested for peat, today, it…

Hike: Vogelsberg Moor

Hike: Vogelsberg Moor

The Vogelsberg is a region in Upper Hessen known for its rolling and forested landscape. Much like the Odenwald and Westerwald, it combines small villages,…

Ebersburg Castle

Hiking: Source of the Fulda

The town of Gersfeld is the only real convenient gateway to the Rhön as it has one of the region’s few train stations. There are…

Hiking: The Volcanic Rhön

Hiking: The Volcanic Rhön

Much of central Germany is covered in traces of ancient volcanic activity. The Rhön mountains are no exception, and the Milseburg is a volcanic peak…

Hiking: Timeless Villages of the Upper Fulda

Hiking: Timeless Villages of the Upper Fulda

The Fulda valley between Kassel and Fulda City is a remarkably beautiful landscape. However, much of it has been set aside for industrial or residential…

Hiking: Cultural Landscapes of the Rhön

Hiking: Cultural Landscapes of the Rhön

The town of Tann is a remarkable hidden gem, full of half-timbered houses and a charming castle. The highlight of the town is a small…

My Quantitative Travel Rankings

To understand where the categories come from, see this article here.

Social Score

3.0 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Hype: 3.5
  • Growth: 2.3
  • Wealth: 3.6
  • Recognition: 3.9
Ease of Travel

4.8 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Accommodation: 5.0
  • Transportation: 3.7
  • Ease of Planning: 6.0
  • Infrastructure: 3.3
  • Interactivity: 3.9
  • Airport: Yes
Historical Immersion

5.6 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Historical Context: 6.2
  • Monuments: 4.0
  • Quality*: 8.0
  • Landscape: 7.7
  • Vineyards: 0

6.7 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Undiscovered: 6.1
  • Cultural Immersion: 6.9
  • Tradition*: 8.0



A land of sleepy half-timbered towns and ancient castles

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