West Frisia

Regional Overview

The Lost Tribe

West Frisia was the heartland of the Frisian people, and they fought for centuries to retain their freedom and independence. Protected by deep marshlands and ocean tides, the Frisians built a remarkably egalitarian society until the Empire finally overcame its defenses in the 16th century. Nevertheless, a culture of independence and ingenuity helped to push the ocean back and settle a fertile land with beautiful cities and towns.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The unique landscapes of Wattenmeer, along with the dikes and harbors that enabled human settlement on the coast
  • Brick Architecture: The soft soil meant that monumental architecture was limited to specific areas and preferred the use of brick.
  • Dutch Classicism: the connections to Holland rather than the Hanseatic League give West Frisia a flair for the Classicism of Palladio rather than Flanders.




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What is West Frisia?

West Frisia is a hidden gem that is waiting to be explored. The landscape is characterized by a nearly perfectly flat plain filled with fertile fields, small coastal forests, and endless beaches of sun-touched sand. Beautiful villages and towns dot the landscape, full of windmills and picturesque farms. You won’t find many castles or palaces, though, a legacy of Frisia’s egalitarian past. Instead, you will have to explore the region’s history through the lens of the people that lived and worked the land.

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The Imperial Lowlands

A diverse land united only by geography

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