East Frisia

Regional Overview

Ebb and Flow

Even more than its Western counterpart, Eastern Frisia is a land born from the dikes and canals that keep the ocean and moorlands at bay. This once impenetrable barrier of marshes, moors, and oceanic floods shielded the region from the forces of feudalism and created a powerful class of yeoman farmers, often more wealthy than their ostensible overlords. They used their wealth to build the dikes, drain the marshes, and dot the landscape with picturesque villages.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The unique landscapes of Wattenmeer, along with the dikes and harbors that enabled human settlement on the coast
  • The moors and marshes and the legacy of their settlement, a process that left the region a network of canals, towns, and windmills
  • The brick architecture of the North Sea and Flemish Renaissance, especially in Leer, Jever, and throughout the many villages




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What is East Frisia?

Today the landscape is characterized by a nearly perfectly flat plain filled with fertile fields, small coastal forests, and endless beaches of yellow sand. Beautiful villages and towns dot the landscape, full of windmills and picturesque farm estates. You won’t find many castles or palaces, though, a legacy of Frisia’s egalitarian past. Instead, you will have to explore the region’s history through the lens of the people that lived and worked the land.

Interactive Map

Traditional Recipies

East Frisian Buckwheat Pancakes

A farmer’s recipe from the moorlands of East Frisia and Oldenburg…

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The Imperial Lowlands

A diverse land united only by geography

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