Regional Overview

The Heavenly Garden

19th-century travelers in the forests and hills of Upper-Franconia described a landscape of such beauty and drama, that it was referred to as “God’s Garden”. The spires and Baroque alleyways of Bamberg form the center of a region filled with misty hills, ruined castles, and resplendent palaces.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Würzburg Baroque – A variation of the late Baroque and Early Rococo, found everywhere in the region
  • The works of the architects Balthazar Neumann and Johann Dientzenhofer.
  • The elaborate fortifications from the Renaissance and Baroque periods




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What is Upper-Franconia?

The rugged landscape of Upper-Franconia, with its spires of basalt and sandstone, has attracted visitors to its breathtaking beauty for centuries. A mountain pass leading to the cities of Thuringia and Saxony defines the historical development of the region. All along this ancient trade route rose castles and fortresses to ensure control and collect tolls from passing travelers. Today this legacy is evident in the many ancient crags and crumbling ruins slowly disappearing into the forest.

The term, Upper-Franconia, refers to the upper reaches of the Main River as it splits into its source tributaries. Historically, the region was ruled by the Prince-Bishops of Bamberg and the lords of Hohenzollern-Bayreuth. They arrived in the region as part of the German colonization of Slavic lands around 1100, integrating somewhat peacefully with the native population. This heritage is still evident in many place names such as the Regnitz River. Several centuries of relative peace followed, giving us a landscape full of ancient beauty.

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The spectacular achievements of the Franks can be seen in the great monuments of Würzburg, Nürnberg and Bamberg.

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