Regional Overview

The Imperial City

The story of Middle-Franconia is one and the same with the Imperial City of Nürnberg. As perhaps the most powerful city-state of the Empire, her cultural influence projected the Gothic and Renaissance styles into the region. Along with the Baroque city of Ansbach, the region has much to offer.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Gothic and Renaissance monuments of Nürnberg and surrounding areas
  • The Baroque cityscapes of Ansbach, Erlangen and the palaces of the nobility in the countryside
  • The rich collection of historicist architecture in Nürnberg and Fürth from the Wilhelmine Empire.




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What is Middle-Franconia?

Middle-Franconia broadly covers the region between the Main and Danube river basins. The Main offers a path to the Lowland and Hanseatic centers of trade and the Danube is connected to the trade routes of the orient. This strategic position meant that the region became a global center of trade in the Middle Ages and through the 17th century. With her independence secured on the authority of the Emperor, Nürnberg played a critical role in the politics of the region and of the Empire.

Today there are only traces of this legacy. Nürnberg was reduced to ash in WW2, and though tastefully reconstructed, only glimpses of her architectural legacy can be seen. The beauty of the region lies in the ancient landscape of castles and small towns. Following the Thirty Years War, the locus of power shifted to the Hohenzollern Family, with their capital in Ansbach. They turned their city into a resplendent baroque city and influenced the reconstruction of nearby settlements as well.

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The spectacular achievements of the Franks can be seen in the great monuments of Würzburg, Nürnberg and Bamberg.

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