Regional Overview

Highland Trade

The Hohenlohe region is an odd one, situated in the remote highlands along the Tauber River. The people of this region profited immensely from the trade routes connecting the Main to the Danube until the money dried up in the 17th century. Today it is a window into the past, with its towns preserving a moment in history.

Regional Identity

What to Lookout For

  • The Medieval and Renaissance cityscapes of the Tauber, esp. Rothenburg, Bad Mergentheim and Weikersheim
  • The many residences of the Hohenlohe family, from the Gothic to the Baroque
  • The spectacular natural landscape of the Tauber Valley and surrounding highlands





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What is the Hohenlohe?

The Hohenlohe family ruled over a scattered holding in the highlands south of the Main River. The region shown here is focused more on the borderlands between the Swabian and Franconian Peoples. In ancient times, the people of this region spoke a different dialect from the rest of Franconia, and political loyalties to Franconian rulers began to fray. For example, though ethnically Franconian, the Imperial City of Hall declared itself to be Swabian and renamed itself, Schwäbisch Hall, to signal its new loyalties.

The region is dominated by the Tauber Valley, full of sweeping vistas and secluded grottos. From the spectacular walls of the medieval city of Rothenburg to the impressive bastions of the Teutonic Knights in Bad Mergentheim, there is much to see in this small region.

Interactive Map

My Quantitative Travel Rankings

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Social Score

5.6 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Hype: 4.7
  • Growth: 7.6
  • Wealth: 7.6
  • Recognition: 1.5
Ease of Travel

3.6 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Accommodation: 3.6
  • Transportation: 2.2
  • Ease of Planning: 7.0
  • Infrastructure: 4.8
  • Interactivity: 1.5
  • Airport: No
Historical Immersion

5.3 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Historical Context: 5.7
  • Monuments: 3.1
  • Quality*: 9.0
  • Landscape: 1.3
  • Vineyards: 6.9

3.7 / 10

The score is based on the following:

  • Undiscovered: 2.6
  • Cultural Immersion: 5.6
  • Tradition*: 2.0



The splendor of the baroque

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