The Danube River is one of Europe’s longest and most historically significant rivers. It stretches over 2848 kilometers through ten countries, starting in the Black Forest of Germany and emptying into the Black Sea in Romania. The river has been a vital source of transportation, trade, and cultural exchange since ancient times. Travel along the Danube will take you to some of Europe’s most spectacular natural scenery and the cities and ruins of man’s attempt to secure its bounty.

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The Danube Basin, or the Lower Danube, refers to the enormous valley created between the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains after the river carves its way through the mountains at the Iron Gates. On the north side of the river is Wallachia, the heartland of Romania, and on the south is Northern Bulgaria, the ancient homeland of the Bulgarians. The river meets the ocean in Dobruja, a complicated region with a colorful past and one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe.

Regions of the Danube Basin



The lands of Dobruja are formed by a low-lying mountain range that diverts the Danube north on its voyage to the sea. With the landscape mostly given over to agriculture, most of the population lives on the coast, where you can find some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and dramatic seaside cliffs. Ancient ruins and fortresses dot the entire coast and offer limitless potential for exploration between the beachside cocktails.
Northern Bulgaria

Northern Bulgaria

The cradle formed by the wide arc of the Danube Basin, fertile valleys, and rugged limestone peaks laid the foundation for the Bulgarian State. From the ancient capitals of Preslav and Tarnovo, the Bulgarian Kings and Emperors conquered lands as far south as the Aegean, even besieging Constantinople. Today, this legacy is primarily visible as the ruins of their cities and castles, but there are quite a few, and some are truly spectacular. This is a region full of medieval mysteries and dramatic landscapes.

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