City Overview: Dortmund

Dortmund is a tragic story in a sense. The city was so effectively erased during WWII that its rich architectural legacy is mostly forgotten. Dortmund was a Free and Imperial City on the main overland trade route that connected the Baltic with the Rhineland. A proudly Westphalian City, it became one of the main centers of the Industrial Revolution in a united Germany. Today though its grouped together with the other Ruhr Cities and its name appears only in the context of Football.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Dortmund has one largely surviving historical monument worth visiting, if you already happen to be here. The church of St. Reinoldi is a remarkable example of the synthesis between Rheinland and Baltic architectural traditions. It also happens to have a largely intact inventory. Otherwise the other churches have a scattered collection of inventory or features that might be interesting to a specialist. On the far outskirts of town you will find some fragmentary collections of Art Nouveau architecture, but overall its not worth visiting.

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