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Famous Pictures of the Middle-Rhine: The Marksburg

The Marksburg is the only medieval castle to have survived undamaged on the Rhine. Its shining white appearance and soaring white towers make it one of the most iconic images of the Rhine valley and one of its most historically immersive. This hike is about walking around the ridge of the surrounding valley to get the best views of the castle from a distance.

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Hike: Redcliff Canyon

One of Germany's truly hidden gems is the Nahe Valley and the dramatic gorge that the river carves through the landscape. The Rothenfels or the Red Cliffs is a sheer vertical massif that rises from the otherwise flat landscape of the Palatinate. This hike takes you to the two main sights, the beautiful Red Cliffs and the ruined Artillery Bastion on top of them.


Hike: French-German Border Castles

The Wasgau is a forested region between the Palatine Forest to the north and the Vosges Forest to the South. The region is known for its spectacular sandstone pillars, on which many castles were built. While all the castles have decayed over the centuries, their traces form epic and dramatic landscapes when set against the dense and verdant forest. This hike takes you through the most famous castles in the region.