The Vista of Siena is on of the most well-known images of ItalyJustin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Should You Visit Siena?

Yes, Siena is what I would describe as "Peak Europe." It doesn't get better than this. You can think of Siena as a smaller and more subdued version of Florence. Florence overflows with tourists, who crowd vast avenues lined with marble-clad palaces. In contrast, Siena awaits a smaller crowd meandering through alleyways of sun-baked brick.

Florence cityscape at nightJustin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Should You Visit Florence?

The primary consideration on whether or not to visit Florence is the kind of experience you expect. Modern tourism thoroughly colonized the city, and tourists will vastly outnumber residents in the city center. However, the city offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience art and history in its original context and makes for one of the best destinations in Europe.


Zabaglione (Florentine Custard)

This recipe dates to the 17th century Medici courts in Florence but was a variation of a common drink at the time. Originally, eggs were used to thicken common drinks like beer or wine, but later the dish was used to fill pastries and other desserts. This is a very simple version, and it can be changed in various ways, notable by adding spices or using different wines.