Hike: The Gleichen Castles

The three Gleichen castles were the seat of the County Gleichen, in addition to fortresses belonging to the Abbot of Hersfeld and the Margraves of Thuringia. The castles guarded the important trade route of the Via Regia, and were subsequently besieged and destroyed multiple times over the course of history. Today, the three castles form a dramatic landscape in the Thuringian basin that is also easily accessible. Take a high-speed train from Frankfurt to Berlin through Erfurt, and you will see them as you pass by. This hike takes you on a trip to visit all three.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Hike: Malerweg – The Romantic Age

This long hike covers many beautiful highlights of the interior Saxon-Switzerland park. You start climbing along the German Czech border to the rocky sandstone cliffs of the Carolafelsen and Kreuzturm. This hike gives a much better impression of what the Romantic painters would have experienced 100 years ago. Though intense, it will be mostly free of tourists, making it worth a try.

Justin Bunch | CityscapeTravel

Hike: Malerweg – The Königstein Fortress

The Königstein fortress was one of the great bastions defending the Kingdom of Saxony against the Crown of Bohemia, and later the Austrian Empire. As Saxony had traditionally good relations with its southern neighbor, the fortress was never seriously besieged. Today it is a remarkable testament to the fortification technology of the 18th century. This hike takes you on a complete tour of the Fortress with some viewpoints outside the walls.