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Famous Pictures of the Middle-Rhine: The Marksburg

The Marksburg is the only medieval castle to have survived undamaged on the Rhine. Its shining white appearance and soaring white towers make it one of the most iconic images of the Rhine valley and one of its most historically immersive. This hike is about walking around the ridge of the surrounding valley to get the best views of the castle from a distance.

Peter Schmelzle

Hike: Breuberg Panorama

The Breuberg Castle is the Odenwald's largest and most visually striking fortification. Built on a pinnacle of Basalt and Sandstone, the castle dominates the surrounding valley with its Renaissance bastions. This hike tries to walk between the best viewpoints of the castle from a distance. The proposed route is long because I wanted to catalog the best viewpoints in one spot. Pick and choose the ones most interesting to you.


Famous Pictures of the Middle-Rhine: The Hubertus Viaduct

The Hubertus Viaduct is one of only a handful of those glorious 19th-century railway bridges that both a) survived WW2 and the post-war reconstruction and b) remain in service. Though the viaduct is not perhaps a common image in the Middle-Rhine Valley, it often appears in other media, as it is one of only two easily photographed operational viaducts in Germany.

Manfred Heyde

Famous Pictures of the Middle-Rhine: The Rheinsteinblick Viewpoint

This hike is about capturing another of the commonly seen pictures of the Middle-Rhine valley. However, unlike those over Bacharach or Kaub, this one is harder to get to. It requires leaving Bingen for an immediate vertical climb but is afterward more leisurely. Note that the picture is only doable in the morning, so this may be a seasonal trip when there is enough sunlight.