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Hike: Malerweg – The Romantic Age

This long hike covers many beautiful highlights of the interior Saxon-Switzerland park. You start climbing along the German Czech border to the rocky sandstone cliffs of the Carolafelsen and Kreuzturm. This hike gives a much better impression of what the Romantic painters would have experienced 100 years ago. Though intense, it will be mostly free of tourists, making it worth a try.

Markus Braun

Hike: Kirner Dolomites

The Nahe Valley is one of the underrated natural gems of Germany. The river flows from the Saarland into the Rhine and cuts through a sandstone plateau, creating a series of beautiful gorges. The Kirner Dolomites are a series of cliffs and castles built on outcroppings above a tributary to the Nahe valley. This hike offers beautiful views and dramatic cliffs with lots of castles.